Call for Proposals 2022

Applications for the 2022 Award for Neuro-Oncology

As every year, the Sibylle Assmus Foundation will be awarding a prize for outstanding clinical research in neuro-oncology in 2022. The Foundation has set itself the task of supporting the various aspects of neuro-oncological research.

For the year 2022, the Foundation will mainly support clinical projects addressing innovative diagnostic and surgical procedures.

The Sibylle Assmus prize is endowed with € 10,000.

Applications will be accepted from October 2021 onwards. Applications should be made in line with the guidelines of DFG applications but to a maximum of 6 pages. In addition to an in-depth project description, the application should include information on possible preparatory work already conducted, the start and foreseeable duration of the project and the expected use of funds.

The application can only be submitted in electronic form via e-mail or on CD-ROM (the file should not exceed 5-6 MB), and should include a curriculum vitae, a list of writings and a letter of recommendation from the chairman or department head to the managing board:


Dr. Hans Assmus
Abtsweg 13
69198 Schriesheim
by 15 March 2022 at the latest.
For further information please contact

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